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Pulse2000 alarms at play


I am extremely proud of the fact that most of my business is obtained through recommendations. Not only do we to work to the European standards EN50131 PD6662:2004. I exceed these providing, excellent customer service to maintain my business. Below you will see examples of installation tasks in progress. Each installation will take between one and a half days and two days on average. This is because of the high standard of workmanship, and my every effort to hide all wiring as much as is reasonably possible. The big named, big overhead, sales driven companies can never offer you the same quality of workmanship at installation. When you shop around (as you should) just ask them how long it will take, then make up your mind whether they are going to be focusing on quality workmanship or just getting you installed and out of the way..

First tasks will be to move furniture and carpeting to access floor boarding where cables can be hidden

You can help by having as much of your furnishing moved away from where we need to work


We then establish all the wiring routes and drill holes through joists etc

Now don't tell the elf and safety I took my muddy boots off

Unlike the majority of other alarm installation companies we will do what ever is possible to hide all the cabling
Once all wiring is in place the floor boarding is put back into position. In the more modern houses where floor boards are not used. We re-enforce the flooring that has been lifted to enable the wiring to be put in place as shown in the picture
All floors are screwed back down into place so that all movement is prevented (stops creaking floors)
The end result, nice neat and tidy no wires to the Keypad
The end result, nice neat and tidy, and no wires to pir's
No wires to Pir's or speaker in a hallway
No wires to strobe light for those with hearing difficulties
Look No wires!! control panels are hidden away if possible, for example in this picture a hotpress
Look No wires!! control panels are hidden away if possible, for example in these pictures a hotpress